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PeaceWorks vigil -- Every Friday Evening An invitation to Join Us

PeaceWorks is a source of information and inspiration for all who believe in peace and justice.

PeaceWorks offers a nonviolent approach to resolving conflicts.

PeaceWorks strives to affect local, national and international policies in an informed and nonviolent manner. We collaborate with individuals and organizations dedicated to peace, social justice and environmental issues. We work to educate ourselves and our community about all issues important to the citizens of a democracy.

  • We believe that violent intervention in the affairs of other nations never leads to the establishment of stable and genuine democracies.

  • We continue to advocate negotiation, not military means to deal with international problems.

  • The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have devastated those countries. They have cut short the lives of thousands of our servicemen and women. They have taken funds away from social services in this country. And they have exacerbated the very problems that led to the devastation of 9/11/01 in the first place.

  • We believe that history will judge us harshly if we do not take responsibility for educating ourselves and our community and acting for the good of all people.
The Peace we seek is ethical; it is political; it is ecological; it is spiritual; and it is universal. We must strive for this peace if we want humanity and the earth we know and love to survive.